CJX-A Magnetic Flaw Detector




Measuring range:

≥45N(no less than 5kg)

Resolution Accuracy:

clearly show the artificial notch of type A 30/100 standard

Communication storage:

Working time:

continuous work

Main unit weight:


Package dimensions:


Total weight:



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  • Overview
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  • Product Overview

      MITECH CJX-A multifunctional magnetic flaw detector is the self-designed multifunctional magnetic flaw detector absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. With small size, light weight, easy operation, multifunction in one unit. The detector can equip A, D, O three types of probes to realize the functions of magnetic clamp detection, electromagnetic yoke detection, ring detection. It is the necessary detector to do flaw testing, quality control, safety check, life evaluation in the fields of petrol, chemicals, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, railway etc..

    Function & application

    It is widely used in the industry of aircraft manufacturing, boiler and pressure vessel, electric, oil field, shipbuilding, combustion engine parts, mine, machinery, standard parts, oil pump, vehicle parts, bridging, chemical, railway, large mechanical components, steel structure etc.

    Working Principle

    Magnetize, put the workpiece into high-intensity magnetic field, connect electric to make it magnetized, if there are flaws (crack,slag) in or near the surface, there will be a leakage around the flaws. Put good quality magnetic powder(usually the magnetic iron oxide powder)on the object, magnetic powder will gather together near the leaked magnetic field, piled up to form visible traces of magnetic powder

    Working Conditions

    Power: AC 220v

    Avoid strong vibration, place in dry area.

    Make sure the connection condition is well, release the key when the probe leaving the workpiece. use oi to lubricate the turning joint.


    Instrument Features

    l Show the shape, position, size, degree of defection and confirm the nature of defection, according to effect of magnetic field.

    l Adopts new power mode, improves the accuracy of detection.

    l Adjustable magnetic yoke makes the detector more practical.

    l Accessory lights can be used in dark situation.

    l Four kinds of probes, improve the detection accuracy.

    l Different magnetic method can test all parts of the workpiece.

    l Humanized design, magnetizing switch is easy to touch.

    l The detection speed is fast and cost is low.

    l Can test the flaws between 0.5~3mm below the workpiece surface, for air hole the detection depth can up to 5mm.

    l The magnetic participle can directly show the defection and detect the width of 0.1μm.

    Operating Method and Attentions

    l Working rhyme, when continuous working, magnetizing time≤3s, clearance time≥5s.

    l Check the voltage before using, over-high or over-low may damage the detection result.

    l Make sure the probe is well connected with surface of workpiece, then press the key to magnetize, the result is in good situation.

    l over-current protection circuit to avoid no load and temperature rise.

    l When the detector is over-heat, stop using and find the reason.

    l The detector and accessories should placed in environment of clean, dry and no corrosive medium.

    l When repairing, please take care of the high voltage in the detector.

    l When pressing the magnetizing key, do not turn off the switch or unplug the cable line.

    l The shell must be placed on the ground.

    l When there appears unsolved trouble, please deliver it to our company.

    Instrument Maintenance

    l Try to avoid unplugging the cable when using.

    l Use soft cloth to clean the detector.

    l Avoid strong vibration, place in dry area.

    l When not using for a long time, you should charge it every three months to avoid damping the components.

    l After turning off the detector for 5s, boot again, do not boot immediately.

    l Make sure the connection condition is well, release the key when the probe leaving the workpiece. use oi to lubricate the turning joint.


  • Complex sensitivity clearly show the artificial notch of type A 30/100 standard specimen
    Lifting ≥45N(no less than 5kg)
    Working conditions when continuous working, magnetizing time≤3s, clearance time≥5s
    Weight about 7.0KG
    Probe temperature-rise ≤60℃
    Flaw detection speed ≥6m/min
    Power output AC36V*2, 15A, can equip A, D, O four probes
    Power input AC220V, ±10%, 50HZ,5A
  • Magnetic flaw detector electromagnetic yoke cable line
    MITECH magnetic flaw detector electromagnetic yoke cable line.Length: 1 m (OEM), mainly used to connect portable magnetic detector and electromagnetic yoke, accurate transmission of measurement signals to ensure the accuracy of measurement results.
    Type A magnetic yoke probe

    Type A probe is also called horse shoe yoke probe, clamp yoke probe, fillet weld probe, the sensor are on the side of joints, equips with light, especially for irregular workpiece, slide forward with hand on the probe(make sure the probe and surface are well connected)

    Multi-functional magnetic flaw detector manual
    Mitech multi-function magnetic flaw detector with a dedicated random packing information. Including product certification, warranty card, product brochures, packing list. Random information using a special coated paper printed, graphic and brochures, simple and easy to understand, easy to long-term preservation. Note: The random information of Mattel brand products can be downloaded at www.mitech-ndt.com.
    Main unit CJX-A

    MITECH CJX-A Multi-functional magnetic flaw detector is based on the interaction of magnetic field leakage and powder. It can accurately show the shape of the leakage, as well as its position, size and severity, thus tells the damage level.The instrument uses a variety of magnetization methods, can detect all parts of the workpiece, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding,aviation, railway and other areas of defect detection. It is a necessary professional precision instrument of quality control, in-service safety monitoring and life assessment.

  • Type D magnetic yoke probe

    Type D probe is also called magnetic yoke probe, equips with various high magnetic turning joint, the turning joint can closely tie to the fillet weld, use magnetic suspending liquid make it magnetized, the crack in front of probe can be showed out.

    Type O Probe

    Type O probe is also called ring yoke probe, it is designed by the principle of magnetic field, used to detect the irregular workpiece of bearings, pipes, vanes etc. When using, put the small workpiece in the ring, magnetizing it by magnetic suspend liquid, the cracks of bar will show out.