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  • Product Overview

    MFP17-A fully automatic film professor is the new generation product in Mitech Co.,Ltd, with super digital display board and the microcomputer control system. Specially designed stop sink greatly improves the fixing liquid effect, especially suitable for a large number of film processing. Processing liquid can automatically cycle and replenish to keep the liquid fresh. Professional prototype drying duct system makes the both sides of the film with no water print. It’s widely used for various pipelines and pressure vessels in the fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and etc.

    Function & application


    Military Railway

    Shipbuilding ,Chemical

    Mining Inspection

    Pressure Vessel, Pipeline

    Oilfield Power Plant

    Working Principle

    Film process mainly by developing, fixing, washing and drying. The film needs to be placed in the developer tank that with liquid a certain time, then in the fixer tank a certain time . After that, put it in wash tank, then dry it to complete the film process.

    The four processes have high requirements for the temperature, time and liquid concentrations in developer and fixer. Film process has four modes, cold, preheating, wash and self-inspection. Under cold mode, system is on electricity but not work. Under preheating mode, working area starts to heat to certain temperature without film. When the film enters in, temperature goes up rapidly to wash film. Wash mode means film is under washing. Under self-inspection, it can check whether each component is working normally.

    Working Conditions

    Operation Temperature: +23℃~+30

    Storage Temperature: +28

    Relative Humility: 70%

    The surrounding environment should avoid of vibration, strong magnetic field, corrosive medium and heavy dust.

    Instrument Features

    MFP17-A processor is a compact,automatic table-top processor.

    Specially designed stop sink, greatly improve the fixing liquid effect. Especially suitable for a large number of film processing. The processes are developing, stop sink washing, fixing, small wasting ,washing,and drying.

    Infrared sensor control system, countdown function when feed in, ensure safe film sending.

    Built-in red light auxiliary operation, transfer film more accurately

    Dupont materials of high strength type roller group, to transfer various size film.

    Timing operation to prevent the roller surface crystallization, effectively activate circulation system.

    Gap bridge direction can be adjusted to avoid film stuck.

    The roller group structure interval distance is adjustable, avoid creasing phenomenon of different base film.

    Professional prototype drying air duct system, makes both sides of the film well dried and avoid water print.

    Microcomputer program control, stable and reliable performance, wider adjustment range.

    Super digital display board, easy to check all data by a click.

    The countdown monitoring function, can finish the circulation in one minute and enter the standby mode automatically, makes the film process fluently.

    Process film automatically and with standby state program.

    Developer and dryer temperature is adjustable, to ensure film dried and brightly, improving the work efficiency.

    Heat exchange system adopts developer and fixer heating at the same time, guarantee the stability of temperature within the setting range.

    Processing liquid can automatically cycle and replenish, makes liquids fresh.

    Films Qty: 18-42 pieces per hour (356mm×432mm), 80-210 pieces per hour(80mm×300mm)

    Dimensions: 1050mm×720mm×1230mm

    Operating Method and Attentions

    Before switching the processor on, close the water drainage stop cock and open the freshwater

    tap. When working has finished for the day,. It is essential that the freshwater tap is turned off again and by opening the water-drainage stop cock the water drained out of the processor.

    Switch the power on, The water tank filled and the ventilator fan feeds fresh air in. The

    developer and fixer baths heat up. When the required temperature is reached, the LED bath heater blinks.

    Open light protection cover,. Place film on left side of feed tray and feed in.

    The film switch starts the transport and the replenishment. The overlapping safety device LED

    lights up.

    Developing and Fixing



    Film competed

    Instrument Maintenance

    Before use, remove dirt and dust from film infeed with soft cloth

    Check the surrounding devices whether are connected well.Replenishment tank liquid is   not less than the 1/3height of the tank. Replenishment pipe insert the bottom of the tank. Adjust all overflow pipes and make sure they are in good locations.

    Open the cover, wipe the internal water drops due to the evaporation of liquids. Check for crystallization or transmission roller surface dirt. After clean, fill in the fresh water in the cleaning tank.

    Make sure plug in, open the water in switch and main switch is on.

    Press manually replenishment key. Check developer and fixer liquid whether they are work in normal, and circulation is well.

    After heating reach to the set temperature, the film processor start to work.

    Run 2-3 cleaner films through processor to remove all accumulated dirt and dust from the rollers before work..

    When working has been completed at the end of the day, drain water out of the processor. This avoids the grouth of algae in the water..Close the main power switch and enter in switch.


  • Film Size Min 80mm*100mm, Max 430mm*∞
    Film Speed 6-14mim(interval is adjustable in a minute)
    Film Qty 18-42 pieces per hour(356*432mm), 80-210 pieces per hour(80*300mm)
    Linear Speed 65-145mm/min
    Developer Temperature 12.5L
    Fixer Tank Volume 12.5L
    Washer Tank Volume 12.5L
    Developer Temperature 20~40℃(adjustable)
    Fixer Temperature 20~40℃(adjustable)
    Washer Temperature 5~25℃
    Dryer Temperature 20~70℃(adjustable)
    Water Consumption 2L/min during processing
    Replenishment Automatic/Manually 50-500ml/m³
    Power Source 220V 10A 50Hz
    Weight 85kg (Empty), 125kg (Filled)
    Dimension 1050mm×720mm×1230mm